Abstracts & full papers

As an author, once your paper written in the template, you must create an account on the platform http://sefi2015.sciencesconf.org/.

Please find attached the documents regarding the set up for the tutoring to guide you if needed : Abstract template & How to submit an article

Abstracts / full papers

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstract title: max 100 characters, spaces included
  • Abstracts in Word format or Acrobat pdf format must be submitted via the internet site http://sefi2015.sciencesconf.org before January 19th, 2015.
  • The abstract should be in English and within one A4 page limit including figures. Please follow the format and style described in this template.
    • If a figure/table is added, reduce the numbers of characters of the abstract text
    • In order to induce a high interaction between speakers and audience it is requested to select for every paper the key areas of your paper among the list provided
    • All accepted abstracts will be printed in the abstract book that will be distributed to all participants at the start of the conference.

Paper Submission

Authors with accepted abstracts are requested to prepare a Full Paper to be included in the conference proceedings.

Acceptance of your abstract does not guarantee acceptance of your Full Paper. Full Papers are peer reviewed and the final decision of paper acceptance will be made on the basis of this Full Paper review.

Full Papers must be submitted in English. Please download the Paper Template (pdf format) Paper Template (Word format) for instructions on how to prepare your Full Paper.

Post your Full Paper on the site of the conference.

Files must be submitted following this procedure:

  • Login to your Sciencesconf account
  • Follow "My Space" and "My submissions" links
  • For each of your accepted abstracts, under the Action tag, click on the "+" sign to Add the Paper.
  • At step 1, just copy paste the abstract section of your paper in the required Abstract field.
  • At step 2 of the submission procedure ("Authors"), please enter all authors of the paper in the right order.
    Authors not mentioned online will not appear in the List of Authors at the end of the proceeding book.
  • After your submission, your paper will be visible under "My Space", "My submissions" (it can take a few minutes before your submitted paper appears)
  • At step 3, upload your signed SEFI 2015 Copyright form in pdf format.

When the Full Paper review is finished a further notification e-mail will be sent to you.

For each accepted paper, at least one author must register to the Conference. Single authors (without any co-authors) can submit more than one paper, with one registration.

Guidelines for presenting authors

All presentations will be oral. Depending on subject and content the conference organization will select an appropriate presentation form ranging from a conventional oral presentation to a poster session

Oral presentation: conventional oral presentation with Q&A.

All presentations should be prepared in English.

No template is provided for your oral presentation.

Please note that your oral presentation should not exceed 15 minutes (approx. 12minutes presentation and 3 minutes Q&A and discussion).

Slides should be prepared in English.

Slides should comprise the following content: name, title and affiliation of the presenting author, core expertise and competence,      context of the work, what problem/scientific challenge is addressed, the importance of the results obtained, what it could be used for (in terms of scientific solutions or applications in industry or society), opportunities and challenges in view of engineering education.

Presentations should be delivered at the registration desk at the Conference venue on memory stick.

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