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Self Evaluation as part of a robust approach to programme development–a workshop to explore a new framework for Active Learning scenarios

All institutions require some form of programme evaluation. This is often on an annual basis with more in-depth reviews taking place every 3-5 years. Part of most evaluations is the need for some form of self evaluation on the part of the programme team. The form of the self evaluation varies markedly from detailed reports to short responses to a series of questions or statements. Whatever the approach, the objective is to obtain honest reflection on the programme, its operation and the experience of the students studying on it.

As part of a new European funded Erasmus + project, eight European universities (Reykjavik University, Iceland; Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Aarhus University, Denmark; Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Umeå University, Sweden; Telecom Bretagne, France; Aston University, United Kingdom; Queens University Belfast, (United Kingdom) are exploring the development of a new approach to quality assurance particularly for programmes engaged in active learning. The common starting point has been the implementation of CDIO on engineering programmes in each institution. From this the QAEMarketPlace4HEI project has been born. The first stage of the project has been the development of a new self evaluation framework that will then feed into a ‘Marketplace’where participating institutions can be paired up and then engage in peer evaluations and sharing around each institutions approach to and implementation of active learning.

This workshop will allow the presentation of this new self evaluation framework and the subsequent activities will allow the participants to use it and critique it. The workshop will aim to determine whether the framework needs to be changed and to identify participants who may wish to make use of the new tool in their own institutions.

This workshop will be animated by  Prof Robin Clark Aston University (UK), chair of the  SEFI WG EER and Katriina Schrey-Niemenmaa, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

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