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SEFI Working Group on Attractiveness meeting on Monday the 29th June
Old and new members welcome!

The next steps of the working group will be to collect a new list of members and discuss a new agenda.
Which issues are of such interest that members want to discuss them and more importantly which are the ones where they have an interest in working to a greater depth.
One important aim is to create an active network to identify and discuss issues and from which members can find partners for potential project applications.
There are several projects and project applications from which the participants need to be contacted and asked about their interest in cooperation.
A draft suggestion to open the discussion, but issues to be covered in this working group could include:

  • What makes engineering education attractive?
  • Ease of study, not much reading or difficultness, challenges
  • appreciation of the profession, high income, challenging career
  • possibilities to help to solve the most difficult challenges facing humanity
  • innovativeness of work
  • save the world
  • possibilities of changing career
  • What is happening before the university level?
  • the role of teaching
  • stem versus other subjects
  • gender attitudes examples
  • attractiveness from real life
  • What happens in the university?
  • curricula
  • teaching and learning
  • diversity
  • university as a community
  • restrictions of study, tuition fees
  • How continuing engineering education could be attractive?
  • should an engineer work in an engineering field?
  • how to retain and enhance an individual’s market value
  • the role of blended learning, MOOCs
  • Your interest - please tell

We are open to add or delete issues to this list - hoping to develop a productive network around attractiveness.

Helsinki the 1st June 2015

Katriina Schrey-Niemenmaa

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